BIM, Towards Smart and Sustainable Infrastructures

We are pleased to invite buildingSMART members and guests to attend the Conference "BIM, Towards Smart and Susatinable Infrastructures", 6th April, at the ROCA Barcelona Gallery, in the buildingSMART International Summit framework.


Address: Joan Güell, 211-213, Barcelona


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The conference will present some how BIM is being deployed in Spain and some Success Cases from Spanish Companies (Clients, Contractors, Designers and Manufacturers).

Moreover, the outputs and resolutions of the several buildingSMART Rooms will be presented

  • The latest developments for Infrastructure; Roads, Rail, Bridge and Asset Management as well as the IFC4 alignment deployment
  • MVD development for Buildings
  • New specialist areas, Airports and Construction for users of digital data standards
  • Digital standards for Regulation authorities
  • buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) working sessions


09’00: Registration


09’15: Opening

  • Mr. Íñigo de la Serna Hernáiz, Ministro de Fomento, GOBIERNO DE ESPAÑA
  • Mr. Josep Rull, Conseller de Territori i Sostenibilitat, GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA
  • Mr. Sergio Muñoz, Chair of buildingSMART SPANISH CHAPTER

09’45: Spanish BIM Initiatives

  • Mr. Isaac Martín, es.BIM SPANISH BIM TASK GROUP
  • Mr. Jordi Gosalves & Mr. Ignasi Pérez Arnal, EUROPEAN BIM SUMMIT

10’30: Coffee Break


11’00: Spanish BIM Success Stories

  • Mr. Bill Mannarelli, ESPAI BARÇA. Examples from a private client.
  • Mrs. Mireia Laguna, INFRAESTRUCTURES DE CATALUNYA. Examples from a public client.
  • Mr. Cristóbal Bernal, BIMETICA, Examples from manufacturers
  • Mrs. Elena Puente, INECO. Examples from an engineer.
  • Mr. Juan Elizaga, FERROVIAL. Examples from a contractor.

13’00: Lunch

14’00 Standards Committee

  • Mr. Richard Kelly. Overview and discussion of buildingSMART Standards Program

15’00 buildingSMART International Plenary

  • Mr. Richard Petrie buildingSMART INTERNATIONAL
  • ZUEBLIN “A contractors view of the need for open digital solutions
  • buildingSMART Room Leaders: summary of Room Progress and plans


17’00: Close and Cocktail